These photographs were taken with a cell phone camera.  I started using my camera phone as a tool to capture visually interesting moments and objects during my daily travels.  I saw these photos as nothing more than one of the many eccletic collections I have.  I finally realized the importance of these images to me as art, when I was confronted with losing them by getting a new phone.  I  downloaded the stored images and archived the images I had collected so far in a more permanent place. In the process of this archiving, I was struck by the style and content of what I was collecting.  When I received my new phone, I began photographing with more intention while trying to maintain the same naive spirit that had inspired previous images.   I see these photographs following the spirit of street photographers Garry Winogrand, Lee Friedlander, and Robert Frank. In the gallery context I have organized these photos in two different ways; as diptychs and then grouped together in specific categories. In both presentations I am trying to expose the beauty, awkwardness and irony of our life and our culture in a fun, comical way- even at the expense of myself at times.


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